Relaxation, nature, sea.

Live your holiday forgetting about cars, noises and everything you are used to. The perfect place to understand all the nuances of "isolating yourself".

Giglio Island

Facing the Argentario, halfway between Rome and Florence, the Giglio Island is one of the marvels of the Tuscan archipelago. Caldane beach is recognized by all as the most beautiful on the island.

In Giglio Porto, just 10 minutes by boat from the house, there are all the services one can expect from a "normal" holiday. With the ferries, in 50 minutes you return to Porto Santo Stefano, on the Argentario promontory.

Let's meet.

There are many things to tell about this villa...

Immersed in nature

You have to forget everything you expect from the daily life in the city. The car under the house, breakfast at the bar...

The descent to the sea

The granite of the Isola del Giglio, carved by hand, from the house to the sea. Every step is in nature.


We don't have a private pool. We share this wonder with anyone who wants to get this far.

The charm and the particularity

No one can remain impassive

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